Spar Street


Spar Street is an internationally acclaimed artist whose work explores the essence of being truly alive and deeply engaged with the world around us. His paintings and sculptures examine and express our highest ideals and motivations, from the visceral to the spiritual. Life-force, spiritual awakening and our highest personal and societal aspirations are represented in form, stroke and colour.
His work is both responsive to contemporary culture while adding his own passion for the dynamism and vitality of living life in a fully-committed way. His work allows the viewer to discover and contemplate the meaningful qualities-of-being in an ever-evolving manner.
His career as a painter and sculptor spans more than three decades and includes celebrated public, corporate and private installations in North America, Asia, Europe and The Middle East. Sparís work has international relevance and appeal as evidenced by his extensive and global list of collectors and patrons.
Sparís commitment to international communication and meaningful cultural exchange initially began with a collaboration with John Denverís Winstar Foundation in the early 1980ís and has continued with collaborations with The Global Security Institute, The Jane Goodall Institute, Doctors Without Borders, The Nobel Foundation and The United Nations. His commitment to the betterment of humanity is continually expressed through the development of evocative artworks and public installations that generate dialogue and interaction about our common future.

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970.476.5619 (Tel)

141 east meadow drive # 208
Vail, CO 81657